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Corel PaintShop Pro-2020 is one of the top photo editing programs. It offers the best selection of picture editing features and tools. The professionals use this program to alter images. Corel PaintShop pro-2020 enables users to alter their photographs by adding various effects. Digital photographs can also be edited and customized utilizing a variety of elements like color, layers, image effects, text, background, and a plethora of other choices. Because of the application’s user interface’s simplicity and ease of use, both novices and experts may operate effectively with it.

Corel PaintShop pro

Additionally, you can easily import digital images from cameras, scanners, and other devices into the editing panel by using the drag-and-drop feature. Use additional customization features to improve the quality of the photographs, such as light effects, fading effects, color channels, background filters, and many others. You may also work with layers in an application to professionally improve the appearance and feel of photos. In a conclusion, we can claim that Corel PaintShop pro-2020 is one of the greatest image editing programs, and you should give it a shot.

Corel PaintShop effects

With the cutting-edge tools and features of Corel PaintShop pro-2020, you can achieve the precise effects you want.

Powerful photo editing tools

Count on this image editing software’s broad selection of professional tools to make every shot the greatest shot.

Essential tools

Using composition guidelines, the Golden Ratio, and the Rule of Thirds, you may easily crop portions of your photo to change the focus. Use one of the many presets, or resize by pixels, percentage, or print size, to quickly change the size. Use the Scratch Remover and Fade Correction tools to restore and repair old photos and improve the contrast and color of faded images.

Essential tools of Corel PaintShop pro

Adjustment tools

Utilize a wide range of potent adjustment tools to change the appearance of your photographs. Such as Brightness and Contrast, Fill Light and Clarity, Fade Correction, White Balance, Hue and Saturation, Noise Removal, Vibrancy, Sharpening, Color Correction, and Tonal Levels and Curves.

Adjustment tools. Corel PaintShop

Selection and correction tools

Use a number of selection tools to isolate the region you wish to select. Then use the Refine Brush to strengthen your choice. Use the Straighten tool to straighten a crooked horizon. Or the Perspective Correction tool to make a shot appear as though we take it from a different viewpoint. Lens Correction tools automatically correct distortions, vignetting, and chromatic aberrations in your photos.

Selection and correction tools,,, Corel PaintShop pro

Raw, HDR, and 360 camera support

The advanced editing tools of AfterShot Lab, are now included in PaintShop Pro. It can help you improve your RAW file editing skills. To produce a great HDR photo, combine several images with various exposures of the same scene. Edit photos obtained with a 360-degree camera by rotating them to make them appear level or straighten them. Remove the tripod and have it automatically replaced, or create a cool “planet-like” look.

Time-saving tools

With Scripts, you can expedite difficult photo-editing tasks and reduce repetition. Create a script of modifications that you may use on any picture, at any time. Add a watermark, picture frame, or simply scale to numerous photos at once using batch processing.

Creative Graphic design features

Discover a universe filled with imaginative possibilities to realize your fantasy projects.

Layers and masks

Advanced image editing, compositing, and graphic design all require layers and masks. To easily make picture composites when editing images, use several non-destructive layers. Create masks to precisely create unique effects, fade between layers, and hide or reveal certain areas of a layer.

Text tools

To make fascinating projects, like a meme or a graphic quote, add words to photographs.  We can use the full suite of typographic tools to change fonts, sizes, styles, alignment, leading, and kerning.

Drawing, painting, and fill tools

To bring your design ideas to life, use the built-in brushes or import Photoshop brushes from Adobe. To advance your designs, use vector illustration tools when drawing and a variety of color schemes, gradients, patterns, and picture tubes.

Templates and creative content

Create collages, greeting cards, social media photos, online banners, brochures, business cards, and more with an extensive collection of built-in themes. Utilize a variety of brushes, textures, patterns, and other in-product creative content to produce designs of the highest caliber while saving time and being inspired by new concepts.

Corel PaintShop pro system requirement

Processor1.5 GHz Intel or AMD processors that support SSE2 (multi-core processer recommended)
Operating systemWith the most recent service packs loaded, use Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP (32-bit or 64-bit editions
RAM2 GB RAM (4 GB or higher recommended)
Disk Drive1 gigabyte of disc space (2 GB recommended)
Monitor ResolutionResolution of 1024 x 768 and 16-bit color display (1366 x 768 resolution with a 24-bit color monitor or greater is advised.)
Graphic cardusing the most recent driver for an audio card that is DirectX 9 or higher
InternetOnline features and instructional videos require an internet connection.
DriversCD/DVD drive for Windows-compatible installation

Alternatives of Corel PaintShop

  • Photo Director 365 – Best Overall
  • Adobe Photoshop – Best for Professionals
  • GIMP – Best for Cross-Platform Users
  • DxO Photo Lab – Best for Image Corrections
  • ON1 Photo Raw – Best for Photo Editing Workflows
  • Exposure X7 – Best for Photo Layers and Effects
  • Affinity Photo – Best for People On a Budget

Video Tutorial

We’ll look at what’s new in current PaintShop Pro versions in this series of tutorials. Learn how to combine many photographs of the same scene, shot at various focus distances. Using the new Focus Stacking function to produce a final image with a deeper depth of field. Use PaintShop Pro’s new AfterShot Lab to edit RAW photographs. Then see how the improved Frame tool makes it simple to create digital layouts and composite images. Explore the numerous new features and improvements that PaintShop Pro has received in recent editions, including the time-saving AI-based solutions.

Corel PaintShop 2020 download for free

For a Windows computer or laptop, download and install the most recent offline installer version of Corel PaintShop Pro. It is compatible with 64-bit versions of Windows 7, 8, and 10.

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One of the most potent image-altering programs is Corel PaintShop Pro 2020 Ultimate v22.2. Professionals of all stripes use PaintShop Pro Ultimate 2020 as an image editing tool. Corel PaintShop Latest Version enables you to produce graphics with a professional appearance.

A full suite of expert picture editing tools can be used to produce attractive compositions and effective design projects. By utilizing a variety of sophisticated tools and features like colors, layers, picture effects, text styles, backdrop, and a wide range of other tools or options, you can edit and alter digital photos.

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