For architects, designers, and planners, GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD 2022 is a comprehensive and fully equipped tool. Which delivers a full design suite with 2D and 3D drafting, visualization, and other BIM operations. It is a flexible tool that can use to design and engineer homes, cities, architecture, and other environments. Several different CAD file types, including DWG, IFC, and DXF, can import and export. The application supports BIM cloud networking, enabling access to BIM processes on any piece of hardware, software, or network infrastructure. Additionally, GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD offers helpful tools for teamwork that team members can employ. 

Graphisoft ArchiCAD
  • Be Determined and Create More 

Graphisoft ArchiCAD allows you to concentrate on what you do best. Create fantastic structures. It manages this with the assistance of considerable changes to automated design, documentation, and collaboration workflows as well as professional out-of-the-box visualization tools. 


Spend less time managing projects and more time designing. It is because ArchiCAD keeps your team on track and your data organized even as projects get bigger and more complicated. 

  • Discover Attribute Management 

BIM projects are getting bigger and more complicated all the time since there are more stakeholders and data involved. Project attributes serve as an excellent illustration of this because managing them was taking time away from the design. Graphisoft offers a better-organised hierarchy of viewing attributes, which simplifies and improves attribute management.Read more>>>> 

  • Faster Project Navigation 

Stop scrolling endlessly now! Use the new Navigator Search to quickly and easily identify specific things to facilitate faster project navigation. Read more>>>> 

Faster project Navigation
  • Enhanced Surface Overrides 

Graphic Override has greater control over the surfaces of openings and improves. Graphic Override options allow for quicker modelling and documentation of openings with fewer workarounds. Read more>>>> 

Graphic overrides
  • Smart Object Creation with Library Part Maker 

Without coding, create your parametric object library! Graphical editing techniques can create doors, windows, and other parametric objects The Library Part Maker tool simplifies the process of creating objects. Read more>>>> 

  • Customized kitchen cabinetry 

Now, without using manual workarounds, you can quickly and easily alter the look and style of kitchen cabinetry. while still following local and corporate standards and criteria, you can do such Architecture. This feature was first introduced with ArchiCAD 25. Read more>>>> 

Customized kitchen cabinetry 
  • Improved 2D editing 

Based on user input, ArchiCAD 26’s effective and user-friendly 2D editing feature helps preserve consistency among interactions while utilizing the Radial Stretch of circles and ellipses. It also saves time. Read more>>>> 

Improved 2D editing 
  • Visualize 

Quicker client approvals- You can create stylish graphics and spectacular visualization with the help of dynamic BIM x web and desktop viewer. 

Visualize of Graphisoft ArchiCAD
  • New Professional Textures 

Attractive and innovative visualization can make client approval quicker and easier. This is due to the addition of new content in the surface catalogue. Read more>>>> 

New Professional Textures 
  • Optimized ArchiCAD export and enhanced BIM x web and desktop viewers 

In order to reduce file size and export time, ArchiCAD 26 delivers a strong 3D model export with an easier-to-use.  Additionally, the project orientation and Camera View Cone in the 3D model reflect a new, more realistic visualization. This is due to on-the-fly drawing in the BIM x Web Viewer and BIM x Desktop Viewer. Read more>>>> 

BIM x web and desktop viewers


ArchiCAD 26 offers better structural analytical model workflows and usability advancements. It also offers smooth cooperation between structural engineers and architects. 

  • Automatic live Load generation 

ArchiCAD 26 is a faster-automated collaboration between structural engineers and architects. Which speeds up access to detailed information in the model. Read more>>>> 

Automatic live Load generation 
  • Faster Export to FRILO 

With the new ArchiCAD – FRILO works more quickly with a one-click direct export option. Read more>>>> 

Faster Export to FRILO
  • SAF Translator Enhancements 

There is smooth, quick information transmission between ArchiCAD and Structural Analysis software at the push of a button. Which keeps structural engineers and architects on schedule. Read more>>>> 

SAF Translator Enhancements 
  • Support for Multi-segmented columns and beams 

We can get multi-profiled analytical elements for structural analysis calculations. Which better describes complex segments for calculations that are more accurate. Read more>>>> 

Support for Multi-segmented columns and beams 
  • BIM cloud enhancements 

BIM Cloud can now handle projects of any size. It has an improved file capacity of up to 100K files. BIM Cloud is the greatest platform for project team collaboration. It is due to improvements in security and control over file version history. Read more>>>> 

BIM cloud enhancements 
  • Accurate building energy evaluations 

In ArchiCAD 26, We can obtain precise building lifecycle analyses and sustainability reports. We can also obtain trustworthy and pre-packaged data on energy and CO2 emissions from building materials. Read more>>>> 

Accurate building energy evaluations


ArchiCAD 26 introduces quicker, more accurate documentation with fewer manual workarounds. This is due to significant improvements to the documentation workflow. 

Document of Graphisoft ArchiCAD
  • New Auto text for Master Layout 

You may save time and cut down errors with quicker, and more accurate documentation. It’s because of improved Auto texts in automated layouts. Read more>>>> 

New Auto text for Master Layout 
  • Graphic Override enhancements 

in ArchiCAD 26 we can easily identify and add several rules to combinations without needless scrolling. It allows us to quickly construct Graphic Override combinations. Read more>>>> 

Graphic Override enhancements
  • Level Dimensions updates 

Documentation is quick and simple when you make use of the data that is already present in the model. It also saves time. Read more>>>> 

Level Dimensions update
  • PDF import enhancements 

Save time by avoiding repeating activities by quickly importing several pages from a PDF. Read more>>>> 

PDF import enhancements 

Start ArchiCAD and create a New Project 

  • Step:1 

Choose one of these: 

From the Start ArchiCAD dialogue, select New. 

Apply File > New > New in an active ArchiCAD. 

  • Step:2 

Select a template from the list in the next dialogue box, or click the Browse button to find a different template file. 

See also Template files>>> 

  • Step: 3 

If ArchiCAD is currently open, select Latest Project Settings for the new project rather than a template. 

Note: When using the new command, use the Alt (opt) key to automatically use the default project parameters. New and Reset All is now the command. 

  • Step:4 

For the new project, select a work environment profile. 

Current Profile: Uses the profile that was active when you last closed ArchiCAD, including any nameless Custom schemes and undefined schemes. 

Default Profile: This is either the factory-shipped default profile or the profile that you personally designate as the default in the Work Environment Dialog Box. 

See Profile options>>> 

Alternately, pick any of the listed, specified Work Environment Profiles. 

  • Step:5 

To begin the new project, click New. 

Elements of User Interface 

Tutorial Video: 

In the upper part of the article, I have explained all techniques and ways of the usage of this software. Now I am going to share a complete tutorial video link with you. In the end, you will able to make any design.Video link 

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How to Download: 

To begin the GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD 2022 Free Download, click the link below. The Windows operating system can install completely offline using this standalone installer. Windows 64-bit and 32-bit would both be compatible with this.


In this article, I have explained everything deeply. I have tried my best to explain everything and complete Graphisoft ArchiCAD tutorial. If you read it carefully and see all tutorials. You will have a distinct reputation in the AutoCAD world. 

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