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Magix Vegas Movie Studio is a PC-based nonlinear video editing software. It is a condensed form of Vegas Pro. Sonic Foundry Video Factory and Sony Screen Blast Movie Studio were the previous names of Movie Studio. As of version 13, Vegas Movie Studio is now a part of Magix GmbH, which Sony publicly declared it had purchased after selling the majority of its creative software suite. Vegas Movie Studio 14.0 was the first stable release of Vegas Movie Studio since 2014 and Magix’s first purchase from Sony. The company unveiled this software on February 14th, 2017.

Magix Vegas Movie Studio

VEGAS Movie Studio’s Comprehensive Review

Please take note that the screenshots below come from an earlier version of VEGAS Movie Studio. There can be a few minor differences if you’re using the most recent version. For ease of use, I also refer to the application as VMS.

User Interface:

VEGAS Movie Studio (VMS user)’s interface (UI) separates itself from competitors by using a single screen. This program is able to organize all of these features into its menus and a single screen. While the majority of other video editors that choose to include three to five key areas in their user interface (such as a file manager, editor, and export section). I like the UI’s clear approach to UI design and thought the single-screen approach saved a lot of time, even though it may not be as stylish as that of its competitors.

UI of Magix Vegas Movie Studio

It’s really simple to find what you’re looking for while learning how to use the software because you can see tutorials in the program’s user interface (UI). The instructions were the most in-depth I’ve ever seen in a video editing tool. I have no doubt that users of all skill levels will find VMS simple to learn.

instructions for Magix Vegas Movie Studio

Import and export files:

Exporting and importing a file from any location on your desktop into the program’s timeline or Project Explorer makes importing files a convenience. You can import your files without using file navigation or media browsers.

The one area where I believe VMS falls short of the competitors in terms of usability is rendering, which is a little difficult in the application. VMS provides a wide range of rendering choices and parameters after choosing File -> Render as. If you know what you’re doing, this is incredible, but if you don’t have a lot of experience with video rendering, it could feel a little complicated. Before deciding to render a lengthy video project, I’d strongly advise conducting some introductory research on the program’s render parameters.

The Timeline

The timeline, which is my favorite tool, has a huge number of simple features for combining your video and audio segments. The timeline’s well-designed default behavior is what makes it so simple to use. The pointer within the project will automatically relocate itself to relevant spots, such as the beginning or conclusion of a clip if you click close to the area. Changing the length of the clips within the timeline will cause them to smoothly snap to the same length of clips that are above or below them.

Timeline preview of Magix Vegas Movie Studio

Each clip in the timeline will have one to three buttons that we can use to change the clip’s settings appear in the bottom right corner. When I use other video editors, I greatly miss this feature, which is exclusive to the VEGAS UI. Using these buttons eliminates the need to search through menus and submenus to discover the settings you need for a specific clip, such as the pan/crop or the media effects.

Project Navigator

In the project navigator, you can access all of the media, effects, and transitions for your project. Applying transitions and effects to your project is quite simple because of the fact that we can drag everything in the project navigator right into the timeline. The project navigator window contains a preview of each effect and transition. This significantly reduces the amount of time needed for testing.

Transitions and Effects

The effects of VEGAS Pro are one of its best features, so I was pretty shocked to discover how unimpressive they are in VMS. The default effects provided in the software’s basic edition are functional but have significantly less flair than some of VMS’s competitors, whilst the effects in the Suite version are equally good but cost almost twice as much. Some of the effects in New Blue are an exact replica of those in Corel Video Studio.

Additional Characteristics 

In VMS, there are a few great quality-of-life features that are worth highlighting. The pan/crop editor is the first, and it works almost exactly like the one in VEGAS Pro.

The pan/crop window makes it simple and efficient to achieve precise magnification and modifications inside your video footage. You can adjust the zoom by moving the box’s edges within the preview window with your mouse, or you can input precise values on the left to fine-tune your settings. The option to apply keyframes to the clip is the best feature of the pan and crop tool. You may swiftly draw attention to particular parts of your film for dramatic impact or quickly produce Ken Burns-style pan effects by modifying the zoom and pan settings at various keyframes.

The clip trimmer, which is a quick and painless way to cut and divide your clips into the precise length you need, is another one of my favorite features. Within the clip trimmer, you may move between frames to make sub-clips and define the exact start and stop locations for your clips.

Video Tutorial

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Download free Magix Vegas Movie Studio 2023

The Windows operating system can be installed completely offline using this standalone installer. Both Windows 64-bit and 32-bit would work with this.


The application Magix Vegas Movie Studio is user-friendly, trustworthy, and has a lot to offer. When you consider its price, it becomes challenging to suggest, though. Although it doesn’t have many effects or features, the basic edition appears to be the most reasonably priced of the three. The Platinum (Pro) version, costs more than twice as much as the basic version yet only provides a minor upgrade over it. The Suite version is functionally adequate, but as a consumer video editor, it’s a little on the pricey side.

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