Corel Photo Mirage Review

what is coral photo mirage: 

Corel Photo Mirage 2022 is a rapid, effective, and user-friendly animation creation tool that enables you to quickly and effortlessly produce eye-catching, high-quality animated photos. Corel Photo Mirage is a complete package that offers a wealth of cutting-edge tools and features to assist you in processing the animations in a professional manner. You may make original and captivating moving graphics using this fantastic tool for your website, blog, or social media account.

Corel Photo Mirage has the capacity to produce 4K and ultra-high-quality animations. Numerous image and video file types, including JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, RAW picture, WMV, MP4, and GIF, are supported. 

Corel Photo Mirage overview
If you want to turn your photography in stunning animation, please do follow these three steps
Create stunning photography animations that engage, inspire, and transfix your audience with Photo Mirage, whether your goal is to increase social engagement, drive online traffic, or simply have fun with photographs. 
1: Animate 
Drag-and-drop Action arrows over the desired area of the image you want to move. 
2: Isolate 
Place anchor points around the regions you want to remain stationary. 
3: Preview 
Click “Play” to see your image turn into a looping animation, then “Save” or “Share” to continue. 

If you want to draw animation photography like this image by coral photo mirage, please see tutorial by clicking on link

  • Boost participation on social media 

Dancing clips have worldwide attraction. They do not only attract an audience’s interest but also their emotions. They resemble visions because they fall between a snapshot and a video. 

You can cut through the visual clutter with the help of the exceptional tool called Photo Mirage. People draw a mind-blowing animation to keep their attention to boost their social media engagements. 

Social media post by Photo Mirage
  • Improve performance with unique web content 

Be highlighted with a unique method!   Use photo animation’s captivating charm to counteract people’s shortened attention and excess of static visual material. In a competitive digital environment, Photo Mirage offers a novel approach to grabbing attention.  

Photo mirage can create an attractive animated background for your website or blog, and that will increase the conversion rate of your website. 

Web poster by photo mirage
  • Photoshop and CorelDraw which is better 

The key variations between Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop are shown here. 

Difference between adobe photoshop and Corel draw

Corel Photo Mirage Tutorial: 

Starting out with Photo Mirage is really simple and incredibly entertaining. In this tutorial, you’ll discover how to use Photo Mirage’s simple tools to quickly turn an image into a stunning animation. 

  • Step 1: Opening Images 
  1. To find an image on your system, use the Open button in the workspace’s centre. 
  1. The File menu will allow you to select New or Open. 
  1. You may quickly get started by dragging and dropping your photo onto your working area. 
  • Step 2: Adding motion arrows 

The Animation tools are the first set of tools you’ll utilize. They can be located at the base of the Animation icon, which is initially clicked by default. 

Select any desired image and click, drag, and release the motion arrow across the specified animated portion of the image. 

  • Step 3: Adding anchor point 

Then, after selecting the Anchor Point symbol, plot Anchor Points all around the portions of the image that you want to remain static. 

When you’re prepared to preview your animation, click the Play button in the Control bar at the bottom of the screen. 

  • Step 4: Refining your animation 

You can update and remove previously plotted Motion Arrows and Anchor Points, as well as change the animation’s speed. 

  • Step 5: Using Mask Tool 

Mask tool is a unique method for isolating the areas of the image, you want to still 
Press the Mask button. Use the brush slider to enlarge your brush, then click and hold to mask the area you want to keep still. 

  • Step 6: Using the selection tools 

You can move and manipulate several Motion Arrows and Anchor Points simultaneously with the help of selection tools

To choose several Motion Arrows and Anchor Points, click the Select icon and move the objects around. Alternatively, to choose several Motion Arrows and/or Anchor Points, click the Freehand Select icon and draw a selection box around them. 

  • Step 7: Smart photo fix 

Smart Photo Fix will automatically make adjustments to your image’s white balance, sharpness, saturation, and brightness. If you want to undo the changes, click the Undo button on the Control bar. 

  • Step 8: Cropping your animation 

To set the crop area, select a crop pre-set and move the crop box across the image. You can get ready for export by using a crop pattern; frequently, the crop setup matches the export setup. 

Step 9: Using visibility layers 
Visibility layers enable you to observe the many components of your photo animation project. Such as Motion Arrows and Anchor Points, your crop box, mask, and picture file. Each icon can be clicked to enable or disable that visibility level. 

  • Step 10:Additional tools 
  • Email: 

If you use a default email programme that implements the MAPI Standard, you can email your animation straight from Photo Mirage (such as Microsoft Outlook). 

  • Export: 

 Opens the Export box, where you can select one of many export options or enter custom export specifications. 

  • Undo: 

Use to cancel or reverse last action 

  • Redo 

voids the most recent undo. 

  • Zoom to 100% 

A setting that maximises the image’s zoom to its full size 

  • PAN 

If the current zoom settings result in concealed image areas, click Pan and hold to select the area of the image that you want to view. 

Video Tutorial: 

Corel Photo Mirage is 3d animated this software you can create attractive animations and can get more traffic on your website or any other social media account. 

If you want to learn about this software, you can view the complete tutorial by following this link. Click here 

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Details of the technical setup for Corel Photo Mirage 2022 

Software Full Name Corel Photo Mirage 2022 
Setup File Name Corel_PhotoMirage_v1.0.0.219.rar 
Setup Size 266 MB 
Setup Type Offline Installer / Full Standalone Setup 
Compatibility Mechanical 64 Bit (x64) 
Latest Version Release Added On 24th Aug 2022 
Developers Corel PhotoMirage 

Download Corel photo Mirage: 

To begin the Corel Photo Mirage 2022 Free Download, click the link below. This is a standalone, full offline installer for the Windows operating system. Windows 64-bit and 32 bits would both be compatible with this. 

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