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XMind preview


Businesses may optimize activities related to brainstorming, data filtering, organization charts, and more on a single platform with the aid of XMind. It is an idea of management and mind mapping service. It enables team members to customize mind maps in accordance with their unique preferences and needs using built-in templates and clip art.


Team members can work together on projects using XMind by providing topic summaries, generating labels, writing annotations, and posting comments on particular mind maps. Supervisors can monitor start and finish dates as well as overall project progress using the Gantt chart feature. Employees can also filter data, merge particular maps, make audio comments, set up password protection, and export data in SVG file format.

Reason to use XMind

A mind map is a diagram in which the main thought is at the center and related ideas branch out in all directions. It’s a helpful technique for note-taking, brainstorming, problem-solving, and outlining writing projects since it engages the right brain and makes it simple to explain the relationships between ideas.

Since ancient times, people have used diagrams to visually organize knowledge. Tony Buzan first introduced the term “mind map” in the 1970s. In his book “Use Your Head,” he made the idea more widely accepted.

Features of XMind

Benefits of Xmind for you:

          I’ll list XMind’s features in the next five sections because the program is all about mind mapping. I’ll describe what the app offers on each topic and then give my opinion afterward.

Generate Mind Maps:

You don’t have to start from scratch while making a mind map. You have the option to select a theme in XMind. 

Mind maps themes

Or choose a template from a collection of pre-made mind maps,

Each template differs greatly from the others. Here is one that illustrates the Porsche voicemail system as an example.

Template of XMind

One more shows you how to be inventive with healthy snacks.

Inventive templates

Another compares iPhone model differences and resembles a table more than a mental map.

iPhone model resemblance in XMind Chart

A mind map often organizes with a key idea at its center and related ideas and topics radiating out from it. A node is a piece of data. You can organize your nodes in a hierarchy to display relationships.

Starting a new mind map may get your ideas out of your head as quickly as possible by using the keyboard, which is ideal for brainstorming. ZEN in XMind lets you add new nodes without using the mouse. For instance, pressing Enter after selecting “Main Topic 2” with the mouse results in “Main Topic 3”.

I just need to start typing to replace the content after that. I simply hit Enter to complete editing. Press Tab to add a child node.

Thus, XMind makes it easy to quickly create mind maps using the keyboard. At the top, there are icons for a few additional functions and for doing the same actions with the mouse. For instance, by choosing both nodes (using command-click), then selecting the Relationship icon, you can see the relationship between two nodes.

You can add icons and stickers to a node by opening a pane using the icons in the pane

…or to format the mind map differently.

We can change the mind map’s layout. It allows us to decide where themes appear in relation to the main idea.

What a wide range of flexibility. Here is the mental map I made while organizing this XMind evaluation.

Zen Review

(My feedback: With XMind, We can make mind maps quickly by using just the keyboard. Which is essential while brainstorming. There are many formatting options available. You may establish your mind map using the attractive themes and templates available.)

Establish outlines

Both mind maps and outlines use a hierarchical organization to group topics. So you may show your mind map as an outline with XMind and a few more programs.

Zen Review

You can create new nodes, indent and outdent them, and add remarks from here. You can also add or edit existing nodes.

(My feedback:

I frequently use a program for outlining. The XMind app’s outlining tools are comprehensive, provide a second way to enter and edit information, and increase the app’s usefulness.)

  • Work Without Interruptions

It’s crucial to allow thoughts to flow freely when using mind maps for brainstorming. This is one of the app’s focuses, as the “ZEN” portion of the name suggests. Zen Mode makes the app full-screen and enables you to generate mind maps without interruption.

work without interruptions in XMind

(My feedback:

Writing apps now frequently have a useful mode that blocks out distractions. Working without interruptions is beneficial because mind mapping also demands a lot of creative energy.)

Use Mind Maps in New Ways

Making a mind map can aid in problem-solving, better understanding a subject you are studying, and planning out an article or essay. Once I’ve created a mind map, I frequently don’t touch it again.

However, I do regularly use mind maps to organize projects, keep track of my goals throughout the year, and keep adding fresh ideas to a subject I’m researching. Here are some methods XMind may assist you with.

We can track our progress with the help of icons. The software offers a collection of icons to represent the status of the tasks, the month, and the day of the week.

New ways in Mind maps

My feedback:

For continuous project management and reference, mind maps might be helpful. Project management and reference tools including task-based icons, adding notes and file attachments, and linkages to websites and mind map nodes are all available in XMind.

Mind Maps export:

You’ll frequently want to share or utilize your finished mind map as an example in another document after you’ve finished it. You can export your mind maps from XMind in a variety of formats, including:

  1. PNG file
  2. Adobe document
  3. Text document
  4. Microsoft Word
  5. Excel
  6. OPML
  7. Text bundle
  • Video Tutorial of XMind

In the upper portion of the article. I have deeply explained what you can avail yourself of XMind. Now I am about to share a video link in which every feature of XMind software has thickly explained.

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Alternatives of XMind

  • Mind Manager:

Mind Manager is a pricey, cutting-edge mind-management tool created for academics and serious business people. Its $196.60 perpetual license price places it in a completely different price range from the other apps on our list.

  • iThoughts:

It is a powerful yet user-friendly mind-mapping program that has been around for ten years. Additionally, it’s accessible through a $9.99/month Setup subscription.

  • MindNode:

MindNode is a well-liked and user-friendly mind-mapping program.  It is also accessible with a $9.99/month Setup subscription.

  • MindMeister:

MindMeister is a team-friendly mind-mapping tool that runs in the cloud. Use a mobile app or a browser to access it. There are several subscription options, ranging in price from free to $18.99 per user each month.

  • Free Mind:

Free Mind is a Java mind map application that is free and open source. It is quick, but it has limited formatting alternatives.

Free Download XMind 2022

The Windows operating system can be installed completely offline using this standalone installer. Both Windows 64-bit and 32-bit would work with this.


Whether you’re brainstorming, writing an article, managing a project, or resolving a problem, mind mapping is a valuable tool for visually exploring the relationships between ideas. All the essential elements you’ll need to make and format mind maps are provided by XMind. Which also has a fluid workflow, a snappy graphics engine, and a distraction-free mode.

Since more than ten years ago, XMind has been creating cross-platform mind mapping software. The most recent version is a fresh, cutting-edge edition with a more potent graphics engine. It is made to make mind map creation simpler so you can concentrate on your thoughts rather than learning how to use the program.

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