Adobe After Effects Review

What is Adobe After Effects?

Adobe After Effects, a tool for 2.5D animation. It uses to edit the animation, visual effects, and moving pictures. Film, television, and online video production all require After Effects.

Hundreds of effects are available in this post-production program, which is used to edit images. This enables the blending of many video and image layers into a single scene.

what is adobe after effects
  • Adobe After Effects template:
  • Adobe after effects templates is easy to use and beautify your videos with high-quality graphics You can get the ideal template of adobe after effects with a simple filter search. These templates cover everything from intros to transitions, logo reveals, titles, and more.
Adobe after effects templates
  • Adobe after effects Animation:

We can do animation of layer properties by keyframes and expressions.

  • Animation:

Animation advances with time. A layer or an effect on a layer can animate by changing one or more of its characteristics over time. To make a layer fade in, for instance, you can animate the Opacity attribute of the layer from 0% at time 0 to 100% at time 1 second. Any property in the Timeline panel or Effect Controls panel can animate with a stopwatch button to the left of its name.


Many animations preset come with keyframes and emotions. So you may easily apply it to the layer to produce a complicated animated effect.

After Effects has two modes for working with keyframes and expressions: layer bar mode and Graph Editor Mode.

By default, Layer bar mode display layers as duration bars. with keyframes and expressions vertically aligned with their properties in the Timeline panel. Graphic editor mode does not display layer bars. Instead, value graphs or speed graphs display keyframes and expression results.

  • Key Frames:
  • Keyframes specify specifications for motion, effects, audio, and many other features. These feature changes over time. When you specify a value for a layer property, such as spatial position, opacity, or audio volume, you designate it with a keyframe. Keyframes modify values. We can use one keyframe for the state at the start of the change and one for the new state after the change. (See to Set or add keyframes)
(Keyframes as icons compared to keyframes as numbers)
  • Expressions:
  • Expressions express a property’s values and relate properties to one another using a scripting language based on JavaScript. The basic expression can make by using a select whip to connect properties.

(See About expression)

 (Animated properties shown in graph editor

Plug-in for Adobe After Effects:

These free plugins, scripts, and presets can help you improve your After Effects work. A massive collection of the top After Effects freebies that can improve your aesthetics and streamline your workflow.

  • Saber
    • Quick chromatic aberration
    • Orb
    • Limber lite
    • Fx console
    • Displacer pro
    • Dojo Glitch
    • Grid Rig
    • AEJuice GIF
    • Color Vibrance
    • The Stroke
    • Long Shadow
    •  Text Border
    • BOUNCr
    • Squash & Stretch
    • Duik Bassel
    •  Better Bokeh
    • Dojo Shifter
    • Numbers+
    • Label Maker
    • VHS Preset
    • ButtCapper
    • KeyMix
    • Coco Color Wheel
    • Easy Bounce Free
    • Typeflow
    • Type Array
    • PremiumBeat Presets
    •  Crate’s Camera Projection Script
    • Crate’s 3D Look Script
    • Crate’s Hologram Script
    • Crate’s Heat Radiation
    • Crate’s Glow
    • Responsive Auto Scale
    • Sure Target 2
    • VC Reflect
    • deLayer
    • Bendy Nulls
    • AE Viewer 2
    • Decompose Text
    • EaseCopy
    • Parental Controls
    • Create3DShapes
    • Ugly Box
    • Glass Eyes
    • Extended Coffee Break

Adobe after effects Tutorials:

Are you free at your home? Do you want to start a freelance career in Graphic design? Then you are at the right place. In the upper portion, I introduce adobe after effects and its basics. Now I am going to attach a video playlist posted by Gareth David Studio. When you complete these videos, you will be at the upper level of graphic designing and will be the Guru of your niche. So Let’s Start.

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Adobe after effects system requirements:



Minimum SpecificationsRecommended Specifications
Processor Intel or AMD quad-core processor(8-core or above recommended
Operating SystemMicrosoft window 10(64-bit)Microsoft window 10(64-bit) V20H2 or later
RAM16 GB of ram32 GB recommended
GPU2GB of GPU or VRAM4GB of GPU or VRAM recommended
Hard Disk15GB of available hard-disk space; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on removable flash storage devices)Additional disk space for disk cache (64GB+ recommended)
Monitor Resolution1920*10801920*1080 or greater display resolution
InternetAccess to online services, subscription verification, and essential program activation all require an internet connection and registration.


Minimum SpecificationsRecommended Specifications
ProcessorIntel, native apple silicon, Rosetta2 supported Quad-core processor8-core or above recommended
Operating systemmacOS big Sur V11.0 or latermacOS Monterey V12.0 or later
RAM16 GB of ram                        32GB
Hard Disk Space15GB required hard disk space for installation64GB + hard disk space recommended
Monitor Resolution1440*900           1440*900 or more fabulous display recommended   
InternetAccess to online services, subscription verification, and essential program activation all require an internet connection and registration.Access to online services, subscription verification, and essential program activation all require an internet connection and registration.

Adobe After Effects Technical setup details:

Software NameAdobe after effects 2023
Setup File NameAdobe-After-Effects-2023-v230.0.59.rar
Setup size2.4GB
Setup typeOffline installer/Full standalone setup
Compatibility Mechanical64*Bit

 Adobe After Effects Free Download:

To begin the free download of Adobe After Effects 2023, click the link below. A complete offline installer can install this Windows operating system. Both Windows 64-bit and 32-bit would work with this.


With Adobe After Effects, You can completely alter a scene by adding or removing moving parts. You already have everything you need to produce visual effects that bring your video vision to life.

In this article, I covered all essential topics like the basics of the software, tutorials on the software, and the method of downloading.

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